China Mechanical Engineering Society

Engineering China Society

Number of unit member 1995 Number of subsidiaries 32 Number of individual members 44210

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  • Dynamic State 168

Brief Introduction Of The Society

On October 10, 1935, Liu Xianzhou, Wang Jixu, Yang Yi, Li Jixiang, Zhuang Qianding, Gu Yuquan and Wang Shizhuo jointly sent a letter advocating the establishment of the China Mechanical Engineering Society and soliciting sponsors. On May 21, 1936, the inaugural meeting was held in Hangzhou. Huang Boqiao was elected president and Zhuang Qianding was elected vice president through the meeting. Before the founding of New China, Huang Boqiao, Chen Shi Ying, Cheng Xiaogang, Yang Yi and Wei Yifu served as presidents successively. Activities stopped after the Anti-Japanese War began in 1937. After the founding of New China, Liu Xianzhou, Shi Zhiren, Liu Ding, Shen Hong, Zhuang Qianding, Meng Shaonong, Mao Yixin and others initiated the reconstruction of the society. The First National Congress was held in Beijing from September 15 to 17, 1951. Shi Zhiren was elected chairman, Liu Xianzhou vice-chairman and Meng Shaonong secretary-general. In January 1952, it was approved and registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central People's Government. From 1966 to 1977, the Society ceased its activities. In September 1978, the Society resumed its activities. At the beginning of the reconstruction of the society, it was a former member of the National Federation of Science and Technology. The society is located in Beijing. Its previous directors are Shi Zhiren, Liu Ding, Wang Daohan, Shen Hong, Tao Hengxian, Lu Yansun, He Guangyuan, Lu Yongxiang, Zhou Ji and Li Peigen. Currently, it is the 11th Council.


Communication Information

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  • Telephone 010-68799009
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  • Address 11/F, Building 4, Subject International, No.9 Shouti South Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Academic Frontier

  • Joined international organizations +
    nternational Institute of Welding, World Foundry Organization, International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, International Federation of Institutional and Machine Sciences, International Council of Tribology, International Commission on Nondestructive Testing, International Fe
  • Journals managed by cast +
    Journal of Mechanical Engineering Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering "China Mechanical Engineering" Journal of Material Heat Treatment "China Surface Engineering", "Journal of Plastic Engineering", "Pressure Vessel", "Fluid Machinery", "China Foundry Equipment and Technology", "Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloy", "Journal of Welding", "Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tool", "Mechanical Design", "Powder Metallurgy Technology", "Non-destructive Testing", "Lubrication and Sealing", "Equipment Management and Maintenance", "Modular Machine Tool and Automatic Processing Technology", "Machine Tool and Hydraulic", "Automobile Knowledge"
  • Journals not managed by cast +
    [Casting] [Welding] China Welding, Forging Technology, Metal Heat Treatment, Mechanical Transmission, Physical and Chemical Inspection-Physical Fascicle, Physical and Chemical Inspection-Chemical Fascicle, Electrical Machining and Mould, Manufacturing Automation, Mechanical Engineering Materials, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Packaging and Food Machinery, Mechanical Strength, Modern Cast Iron, Diamond and Abrasive Engineering
  • Awards +
    Science and Technology Award of China Mechanical Engineering Society, Science and Technology Award of China Mechanical Industry.

Basic Information

  • Founding date of the Society

    May 21, 1936, 12:00

    Current term

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  • Business Competent Unit

    China Association for Science and Technology
  • Office Support Unit

    China Machinery Industry Federation

Organizational Structure

  • Subordinate Organization 32

    • 管理工程分会
    • 铸造分会
    • 可靠性分会
    • 压力容器分会
    • 包装与食品工程分会
    • 机械传动分会
    • 科技进展与奖励工作委员会
    • 塑性工程分会
    • 成组与智能集成技术分会
    • 机械设计分会
    • 摩擦学分会
    • 流体工程分会
    • 物流工程分会
    • 特种加工分会
    • 流体传动与控制分会
    • 焊接分会
    • 自动化分会
    • 无损检测分会
    • 设备与维修工程分会
    • 工业炉分会
    • 表面工程分会
    • 机械史分会
    • 理化检验分会
    • 工业设计分会
    • 生产工程分会
    • 教育培训工作委员会
    • 热处理分会
    • 失效分析分会
    • 四川省机械工程学会
    • 北京市工程图学学会
    • 河北省工程图学学会
    • 总会
  • Number of unit member 1995

  • Number of individual members 44210