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Brief Introduction Of The Society

On January 15, 1948, 19 foreign students from China, including Tao Dinglai, Zhang Jigao, Yu Youtai, Zeng Dechao, He Xianzhang and Shui Xinyuan, who went to the United States to study agricultural engineering, held the first preparatory meeting for the "Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineers" in Stockton City, California. The meeting unanimously approved the establishment of a preparatory meeting in the United States and the establishment of the "China Society of Agricultural Engineers" in China when most people return home. In 1979, with the consent of the Chinese Agricultural Society, it was established as a professional society of the Chinese Agricultural Society and held its inaugural meeting in Hangzhou in November. After being approved by the China Association for Science and Technology and reported to the State Economic Restructuring Commission for approval, it became a national society in March 1985. The conference elected Zhu Rong as the first chairman and Wang Yinpo, Fang Gaunong, Zhang Qinghai, Zhang Jigao, Tao Dinglai and Zeng Dechao as the vice-chairmen. He joined the China Association for Science and Technology in 1985 and the International Society for Agricultural Engineering in 1989. The meeting place of the society is located in Beijing. The previous directors are Zhu Rong, Liu Jiang, Hong Fuzeng, Liu Chengguo, Xu Wenhai, Wang Maohua and Zhu Ming. Currently, they are the 9th Council.


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  • Address 41 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Academic Frontier

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    nternational Society for Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR)
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    Journal of Agricultural Engineering
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    "Agricultural engineering technology"
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    Youth Science and Technology Award of China Agricultural Engineering Society, Advanced Worker of China Agricultural Engineering Society, National College Students' Innovative Design Competition for Major Related to Agricultural Building Environment and Energy Engineering, National College Students'

Basic Information

  • Founding date of the Society

    November 1, 1979, 12:00

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    China Association for Science and Technology
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    Planning and Design Research Institute of Ministry of Agriculture

Organizational Structure

  • Subordinate Organization 24

    • 青年科技工作委员会
    • 咨询工作委员会
    • 农产品加工与贮藏工程专业委员会
    • 农业遥感专业委员会
    • 农业工程情报信息专业委员会
    • 农业水土工程专业委员会
    • 农村能源工程专业委员会
    • 畜牧工程专业委员会
    • 土地利用工程专业委员会
    • 农业航空分会
    • 田间育种试验机械化专业委员会
    • 电子技术与计算机应用专业委员会
    • 山区资源综合开发利用分会
    • 蓖麻经济技术分会
    • 《农业工程学报》编辑委员会
    • 特种水产工程分会
    • 设施园艺工程专业委员会
    • 农业工程标准化专业委员会
    • 农业工程经济与管理专业委员会
    • 农业机械化电气化专业委员会
    • 农业系统工程专业委员会
    • 国际交流工作委员会
    • 农产品加工与储藏工程专业委员会
    • 总会
  • Number of unit member 22

  • Number of individual members 9982