Chinese Society of Mechanics

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Number of unit member 45 Number of subsidiaries 58 Number of individual members 23799

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Brief Introduction Of The Society

In February 1957, under the joint initiative and organization of famous scientists from Qian Xuesen, Zhou Peiyuan, Qian Weichang and Guo Yonghuai, Chinese Society of Mechanics was established. From February 5 to 10, 1957, the First National Symposium on Mechanics was initiated by the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and the Department of Technical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The meeting elected 35 directors and unanimously elected Qian Xuesen as chairman. Zhou Peiyuan, Qian Weichang, Shen Yuan, Li Guohao and Qian Lingxi are vice-chairmen and Zhang Wei is secretary-general. In April 1957, it was approved and registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People's Republic He joined the China Association for Science and Technology in September 1958 and was one of the first members of the Science Association. After its establishment, the Society participated in the "Two Bombs and One Satellite" project and many major construction projects. It ceased operations between 1966 and 1976. He resumed normal work in October 1977. The meeting place of the society is located in Beijing, and all previous directors are: Qian Xuesen and Qian Ling


Communication Information

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  • Telephone 010-62559209
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  • Address 15 Beisihuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Academic Frontier

  • Joined international organizations +
    nternational Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, International Fracture Society, International Association of Computational Mechanics, Asian Commission on Fluid Mechanics
  • Journals managed by cast +
    Journal of Solid Mechanics, Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, Acta Mechanica Sinica, Engineering Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering
  • Journals not managed by cast +
    Journal of Mechanics, Mechanics and Practice, Progress in Mechanics, Journal of Computational Mechanics, Explosion and Shock, Journal of Dynamics and Control, Quarterly Journal of Mechanics, Seismic Engineering and Engineering Vibration, World Seismic Engineering, Mechanics Express, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics PlasmaScience and Technology
  • Awards +
    Qian Xuesen Mechanics Award, Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Award, China Mechanics Science and Technology Award, China Mechanics Youth Science and Technology Award, Qian Lingxi Computational Mechanics Award, National Xu Zhilun Outstanding Teacher Award, Student Award, Zhou Peiyuan College Students Mechanic

Basic Information

  • Founding date of the Society

    February 10, 1957, 12:00

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  • Business Competent Unit

    China Association for Science and Technology
  • Office Support Unit

    Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organizational Structure

  • Subordinate Organization 58

    • 流-固耦合力学专业委员会
    • 理性力学和力学中的数学方法专业委员会
    • 生物力学专业委员会
    • 流体控制工程专业委员会
    • 波纹管及管道力学专业委员会
    • 工程爆破专业委员会
    • 力学名词审定工作委员会
    • 地球动力学专业委员会
    • 激波与激波管直属专业委员会
    • 力学史与方法论专业委员会
    • 环境力学专业委员会
    • 计算力学专业委员会
    • 动力学与控制专业委员会
    • 固体力学专业委员会
    • 结构工程专业委员会
    • MTS材料试验协作专业委员会
    • 等离子体科学与技术专业委员会
    • 产学研工作委员会
    • 反应堆结构力学专业委员会
    • 物理力学专业委员会
    • 实验力学专业委员会
    • 流体力学专业委员会
    • 爆炸力学专业委员会
    • 安徽省力学学会
    • 北京力学会
    • 福建省力学学会
    • 甘肃省力学学会
    • 广东省力学学会
    • 广西壮族自治区力学学会
    • 贵州省力学学会
    • 海南省力学学会
    • 河北省力学学会
    • 河南省力学学会
    • 湖北省力学学会
    • 湖南省力学学会
    • 吉林省力学学会
    • 江苏省力学学会
    • 江西省力学学会
    • 辽宁省力学学会
    • 宁夏回族自治区力学学会
    • 青海省力学学会
    • 山东省力学学会
    • 山西省力学学会
    • 陕西省力学学会
    • 上海市力学学会
    • 四川省力学学会
    • 天津市力学学会
    • 新疆维吾尔族自治区力学学会
    • 浙江省力学学会
    • 北京市力学学会
    • 黑龙江省力学学会
    • 内蒙古自治区力学学会
    • 云南省力学学会
    • 重庆市力学学会
    • 天津市力学会
    • 上海市力学会
    • 宁夏力学学会
    • 总会
  • Number of unit member 45

  • Number of individual members 23799