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Number of unit member 104 Number of subsidiaries 12 Number of individual members 57900

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Brief Introduction Of The Society

Initiated by Hu Dunfu, Feng Zuxun, Zhou Meiquan, Jiang Lifu, Xiong Qinglai, Chen Jiangong, Su Buqing, Jiang Zehan, Qian Baozong, Fu Zhongsun, etc., it was established in Shanghai Jiaotong University on July 25, 1935. Hu Dunfu and other 9 directors were elected, Xiong Laiqing and other 11 members of the board of directors, Qian Baoqiong and other 21 members of the board of directors were elected, and Hu Dunfu was elected chairman of the board of directors. At that time, the residence was in the China Science Society at 533 Alpei Road (now Shaanxi South Road) in Shanghai. In 1940, because China Mathematical Society's case was revoked by the authorities, on September 15, members of the Mathematical Society established the "New China Mathematical Society" at Southwest Associated University in Kunming to replace the original Mathematical Society and held the first annual meeting of New China Mathematical Society, at which Jiang Lifu was elected president. In October 1948, 10 academic organizations held a joint annual meeting in Nanjing and decided that New China Mathematical Society would restore its original name, Chinese Mathematical Society, and restore its branches around the country. On July 10, 1949, Chinese Mathematical Society officially resumed. In August 1951, Chinese Mathematical Society held its first National Congress in Beijing, announcing the re-establishment of Chinese Mathematical Society and the election of Hua Luogeng as the chairman of the first Council. In January 1952, it was approved and registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central People's Government and was the first to join the China Association for Science and Technology in 1958. Since the founding of New China, the Society has been located in Beijing. Its previous chairmen are Hua Luogeng, Wu Wenjun, Wang Yuan, Yang Le, Zhang Gongqing, Ma Zhiming, Wen Lan, Wang Shicheng and Yuan Yaxiang. Currently, it is the 12th Council.


Communication Information

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  • Telephone 010-82541197
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  • Address Siyuan Building, Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 55 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Academic Frontier

  • Joined international organizations +
    nternational Mathematical Union, International Union of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Journals managed by cast +
    Acta Mathematica Sinica (Journal of Mathematics), Mathematics Progress, Mathematics Bulletin, Applied Probability Statistics, Mathematics for Middle School Students
  • Journals not managed by cast +
    Journal of Mathematics, Journal of Applied Mathematics, Acta Mathematicicae Applicatae Sinica, Practice and Understanding of Mathematics
  • Awards +
    Hua Luogeng Mathematics Award, Chen Shengshen Mathematics Award, Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Award.

Basic Information

  • Founding date of the Society

    July 25, 1935, 12:00

    Current term

  • Registration Certificate Number

  • Business Competent Unit

    China Association for Science and Technology
  • Office Support Unit

    Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organizational Structure

  • Subordinate Organization 12

    • 普及工作委员会
    • 奇异摄动专业委员会
    • 数学名词审定委员会
    • 奥林匹克工作委员会
    • 数学史分会
    • 生物数学专业委员会
    • 组合数学与图论专业委员会
    • 均匀设计分会
    • 概率统计分会
    • 计算机数学专业委员会
    • 计算数学分会
    • 总会
  • Number of unit member 104

  • Number of individual members 57900