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Brief Introduction Of The Society

At the suggestion of the famous French physicist Mr. Langevin, 54 people, including Hu Gangfu, Li Shuhua, Ye Qisun, Ding Xielin, Rao Yutai, Wu Youxun, Yan Jici, Sabendong, Wang Shoujing, Zhou Peiyuan and Zhao Zhongyao, initiated the meeting. On August 23, 1932, the Chinese Physics Society held its inaugural meeting and the first annual meeting of Chinese Physics at the Tsinghua University Science Museum in Beijing, with a total of more than 70 participants. The conference elected Li Shuhua as the first president, Ye Qisun as the vice president, Wu Youxun as the secretary and Sabendong as the accountant. From 1932 to 1936, five annual meetings were held. Li Shuhua, Ye Qisun, Wu Youxun and Yan Jici successively served as presidents (executive directors). From 1939 to 1944, a total of 6 annual meetings were held. In August 1950, the All-China Conference of Natural Science Workers was held with 25 participants from the Chinese Physics Society. Since then, the Society has accepted the leadership of the All-China Federation of Natural Science Specialized Societies (predecessor of the China Association for Science and Technology). In March 1951, it was approved and registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central People's Government and resumed its activities. In August, the first National Congress of Members was held in Beijing, and Zhou Peiyuan was elected chairman. After the establishment of the China Association for Science and Technology in 1958, the Society became its group member. The society is located in Beijing. Its previous directors are: Li Shuhua, Ye Qisun, Wu Youxun, Yan Jici, Zhou Peiyuan, Qian Sanqiang, Huang Kun, Feng Duan, Chen Jiaer, Yang Guozhen and Zhan Wenlong. Currently, it is the 11th Council.


Communication Information

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  • Address No.8 Zhongguancun South 3rd Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Academic Frontier

  • Joined international organizations +
    International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, Asia Pacific Association of Physics Societies
  • Journals managed by cast +
    Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Journals not managed by cast +
    Physics, Chinese Physics Letters (Chinese Physics Letters), Chinese Physics B (Chinese Physics C) Communications in Theoretica Physics
  • Awards +
    Hu Gangfu, Rao Yutai, Ye Qisun, Wu Youxun, Wang Ganchang Physics Award Xie Xide Physics Award.

Basic Information

  • Founding date of the Society

    August 23, 1932, 12:00

    Current term

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  • Business Competent Unit

    China Association for Science and Technology
  • Office Support Unit

    Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organizational Structure

  • Subordinate Organization 39

    • 表面与界面物理专业委员会
    • 出版工作委员会
    • 非晶态物理专业委员会
    • 液晶分会
    • 固体缺陷专业委员会
    • 同步辐射专业委员会
    • 低温物理专业委员会
    • 凝聚态理论与统计物理专业委员会
    • 凝聚态计算专业委员会
    • 中子散射专业委员会
    • 相图专业委员会
    • 光物理专业委员会
    • 电子显微镜分会
    • 波谱专业委员会
    • 内耗与力学谱专业委员会
    • 量子光学专业委员会
    • 学术交流委员会
    • 质谱分会
    • 物理名词委员会
    • 等离子体物理分会
    • 物理教学委员会
    • 高能量密度物理专业委员会
    • 电介质物理专业委员会
    • 高能物理分会
    • 静电专业委员会
    • 磁学专业委员会
    • X射线衍射专业委员会
    • 引力与相对论天体物理分会
    • 半导体物理专业委员会
    • 高压物理专业委员会
    • 原子与分子物理专业委员会
    • 光散射专业委员会
    • 发光分会
    • 延安市物理学会
    • 原子分子物理专业委员会
    • 粒子加速器分会
    • 北京光学学会
    • 核物理分会
    • 总会
  • Number of unit member 15

  • Number of individual members 39735