Chinese Chemical Society

Science China Society

Number of unit member 119 Number of subsidiaries 44 Number of individual members 60000

  • Certified Member 36536
  • Fans 1240
  • Dynamic State 160

Brief Introduction Of The Society

On August 2, 1932, at Linggu Temple outside Zhongshan Gate in Nanjing, 18 people, including Wang Kun, Huang Xinyan, Li Fangxun, Ge Fuxiang, Shao Jialin, Li Yunhua, Kang Xinyuan, Zhang Hongyuan, Hu Ankai and Chen Yuguang, held a preparatory meeting and decided to set up Chinese Chemical Society. On August 4, 45 sponsors, including Ding Sixian, Wang Zhen, Wang Kun, Ge Fuxiang, Wu Chengluo, Wu Mian, Li Fangxun, Zhang Jiangshu, Chen Kezhong and Chen Yuguang, announced the formal establishment of Chinese Chemical Society, with Chen Yuguang as the first president. The first board members mainly include: Chen Kezhong, Chen Yuguang, Ding Sixian, Zeng Zhaolun, Wang Kun, Yao Wannian, Zheng Zhenwen, Wu Chengluo and Li Yunhua. By 1949, 16 councils had been formed. In March 1951, it was approved and registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central People's Government. In 1959, Chinese Chemical Society merged with China Chemical Industry Association and was renamed China Chemical Industry Association. In 1963, it was divided into two societies: Chemistry and Chemical Industry


Communication Information

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  • Telephone 010-82449177
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  • Address No.2, Zhongguancun North 1st Street, Beijing

Academic Frontier

  • Joined international organizations +
    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Asian Federation of Chemical Societies, International Society of Catalysis, International Society of Electrochemistry, International Federation of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Pacific Regional Polymer Federation, Asian Federation of Polymer Soc
  • Journals managed by cast +
    Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Journal of Molecular Science, Chromatography, Electrochemistry, Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, Chinese Chemical Letters, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Education, Polymer Bulletin
  • Journals not managed by cast +
    Journal of Catalysis, Journal of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Polymer, Structural Chemistry, Chemistry Bulletin, Journal of Fuel Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, University Chemistry, Journal of Asian Chemistry, Nano Research, Frontier of Organic Chemistry, Frontier of Inorganic Chemistry, Frontier of Material Chemistry
  • Awards +
    Chinese Chemical Society Youth Chemistry Award Chinese Chemical Society-Royal Society of Chemistry Youth Chemistry Award Chinese Chemical Society-BASF Youth Knowledge Innovation Award Chinese Chemical Society-Evonik Chemical Innovation Award Chinese Chemical Society-China Petrochemical Corporation

Basic Information

  • Founding date of the Society

    August 4, 1932, 12:00

    Current term

  • Registration Certificate Number

  • Business Competent Unit

    China Association for Science and Technology
  • Office Support Unit

    Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organizational Structure

  • Subordinate Organization 44

    • 科普工作委员会
    • 环境化学专业委员会
    • 手性化学专业委员会
    • 分子筛专业委员会
    • 光化学专业委员会
    • 编辑出版委员会
    • 产学研合作与促进工作委员会
    • 生物物理化学专业委员会
    • 化学生物学专业委员会
    • 高分子学科委员会
    • 无机化学学科委员会
    • 流变学专业委员会
    • 物理化学学科委员会
    • 有机固体专业委员会
    • 胶体与界面化学专业委员会
    • 化学动力学专业委员会
    • 分析化学学科委员会
    • 色谱专业委员会
    • 有机分析化学专业委员会
    • 质谱分析专业委员会
    • 有序分子膜专业委员会
    • 核化学与放射化学专业委员会
    • 湖北代表处
    • 化学教育学科委员会
    • 计算机化学专业委员会
    • 应用化学学科委员会
    • 电化学专业委员会
    • 竞赛工作委员会
    • 有机化学学科委员会
    • 晶体化学专业委员会
    • 化学名词委员会
    • 绿色化学专业委员会
    • 青年化学工作者委员会
    • 理论化学专业委员会
    • 女化学工作者委员会
    • 物理有机化学专业委员会
    • 公共安全化学专业委员会
    • 热力学与热分析专业委员会
    • 纳米化学专业委员会
    • 安徽省化学学会
    • 延安市化学学会
    • 地方学会
    • 学科专业委员会
    • 总会
  • Number of unit member 119

  • Number of individual members 60000