2020 First China Internet Hospital Conference

2020 · 05 · 29 00 : 00

Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province

nternational Centre for Telemedicine and Internet Medicine

Meeting Detail

Fusion and Win-Win Future

Sponsored by the Internet Hospital Branch of the China Research Hospital Association, The National Telemedicine and Internet Medical Center, the Basic Telemedicine Development Guidance Center of the National Health and Safety Commission, the Training Center of Peking Union Medical College, the Health Business Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau are jointly sponsored. The "2020 First China Internet Hospital Conference" hosted by Zhuhai People's Hospital will be held in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 29 to May 31, 2020.

This conference is the national "First China Internet Hospital Conference" and will be a grand academic exchange seminar. Adhering to the theme of "Integrating Strength and Win-Win Future", Leaders of national and competent departments, president of the American Telemedicine Association, famous academicians in China, senior experts in the industry, hospital leaders, industry leaders, industry investors, insurance representatives and relevant industry personnel will be invited to attend the conference. Interpret the national policy plan, sum up the experience of industrial development achievements, look forward to the future development direction and trend, seek breakthroughs, build brands, jointly contribute to the development plan, and build a development platform for Internet plus medical care with Chinese characteristics.

The conference will hold in-depth discussions on such hot topics as "Internet Hospital Development, Smart Medical Care, Telemedicine, Graded Diagnosis and Treatment, County Medical Community, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Big Data, Information Security, Medical Insurance Payment, Internet Medicine, Internet plus Care, Internet plus Health Management, and Development of Medical Big Health Industry in Dawan District". In order to promote the integration and development of "government, industry, research and application", And the aim of leading and standardizing the development of the industry, The conference will include thematic reports, achievements and technology demonstrations, round tables, visits and research, etc. It will also authoritatively issue the White Paper on China's Internet Hospitals, sign the Convention on Self-discipline of China's Internet Hospitals, issue clinical pilot projects for Internet hospitals, and reward China's Internet medical innovation, outstanding cases and demonstration units (or enterprises).

At the same time, the conference will also cooperate with mainstream authoritative media in many industries to carry out all-media reports on the conference site and the conference results. At that time, the People's Daily's "Health Times" will jointly launch the "Internet Medical China Tour" with the Internet Hospital Branch. It plans to go deep into the first-line high-quality enterprises across the country to visit, visit and investigate in 2020, dig out better cases, spread better views, and make Internet medical a beautiful scenery line in the construction of a healthy China.

On Internet Hospital Branch of China Research Hospital Association

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The Internet Hospital Branch of the China Research Hospital Association was formally established on July 20, 2019 in Haikou City, Hainan Province. It is the first secondary academic organization of the Internet Hospital Branch in the country.

The branch was led by Wen Jian, former president of the Army General Hospital. Jointly initiated and established with President Wang Haitao of the School of Continuing Education of Peking Union Medical College and Director Lu Qingjun of the Telemedicine Management and Training Center of the National Health Committee of the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, It brings together famous academicians in China, presidents of large 3A hospitals, heads of Internet hospitals, telemedicine and pharmaceutical e-commerce enterprises, as well as experts and scholars in the fields of medical management, clinical medicine, information technology, hospital legal affairs, medical insurance, etc.

The first Council hired Academicians Wang Chen and Zhang Bo as honorary presidents, Fu Zheng, Rao Keqin, Zhou Jun, Zhang Shuyang, Chen Xiang and other five as consultants, and elected one president, 15 vice presidents, 72 executive directors and more than 150 directors, which has wide representativeness and influence. At the same time, the Branch performs the functions of the Internet Medical Work Department of the China Research Hospital Association. A member of the Standing Committee of each professional committee of the Association concurrently serves as the Standing Director of the Branch, coordinating and carrying out relevant standard setting, technology promotion, training and assessment, etc.

Purpose: to carry out the health policy in the new era, Implement the "Healthy China" strategy and the "Internet plus Medical Health" deployment, follow the principle of "integration, innovation, sharing and development", give full play to the leading, innovative and promoting role of the society in the standardized operation, transformation and upgrading, resource integration, complementary advantages and service improvement of Internet hospitals at all levels, and provide all-round policy, technology, management and project support to its directors. We will continue to enhance the people's sense of acquisition, happiness and security and the vast number of patients.

Some member hospitals

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Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital

Beijing Hospital

Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

PLA General Hospital

Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital

The First Hospital of Peking University

Peking University People's Hospital

Tiantan Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

Xuanwu Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

Beijing Children's Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

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Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

Pediatric Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

Shanghai Chest Hospital

Shanghai Changzheng Hospital

Shanghai First People's Hospital

Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University

Yueyang Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

& nbsp; & nbsp;

Northeast China

First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University

First Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University

First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University

Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital of Jilin University

Affiliated Hospital of Yanbian University

Inner Mongolia Medical University

East China

Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

Shaw Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University

Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

Jiangsu Province Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University

Anhui Provincial Hospital

Jiangxi Provincial People's Hospital

Central region

Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

The Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University

Henan Provincial People's Hospital

Wuhan No.4 Hospital

Hunan Children's Hospital

South China

First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province

Hainan Provincial People's Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University

Zhuhai People's Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University

& nbsp; & nbsp;

Southwest China

West China Hospital of Sichuan University

Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University

Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital

Yunnan Tumor Hospital

Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University

People's Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region

Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University

Northwest China

First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University

Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital

First Hospital of Lanzhou University

Gansu Provincial People's Hospital

People's Hospital of Qinghai Province

General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University

Yinchuan First People's Hospital

Some enterprise members

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Name of Unit Title
Jingdong Health CEO Xin Lijun
Peng Jiahong, Vice Chairman/CEO of the Board of Directors of General Global Medical Group
Liu Lei, Chairman of Kyushu (China) Pharmaceutical
Tai Congyue, Chairman/CEO of Cardiology International
Yi Du Yun COO Zhang Shi
US-China Mutual Benefit President Liu Yi
Good Doctor Chairman/CEO Wang Hang
Liao Jieyuan, Chairman of Micro Medical Group
Lin Feng, General Manager of Doctor of Center of Science and Technology
Qiu Jialin, Founder of Micropulse Medicine
Yao Yong, Vice President of Neusoft Group
Han Qun, Vice President of Sobel Digital
Li Qin, CEO of Baiyang Intelligence
Jiang Jung, Vice President of Dean Diagnostics
Tencent Medical & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Director Tang Weimin
39 Pang Chenglin, Director of Internet Hospital
Li Qinlin, General Manager of Innovation Department of Beijing Xinli Hospital Management Co., Ltd.

Basic Information

Co-sponsored: National Telemedicine and Internet Medical Center, National Health Committee Primary Telemedicine Development Guidance Center, Beijing Union Medical College Training Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Health Industry Development Rese
Undertaking Unit
Zhuhai People's Hospital
Strategic Cooperation Media: People's Daily's "Health Times" Health Artery Network to Invite Media: Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua), People's Daily (People's Network), Guangming Daily, China.com, China.com, Today's Headline, Health News, Health Sector, Health
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Xu Yaping
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