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2020 · 05 · 25 15 : 00

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& nbsp; TYCHE3: Personalized Industrial Innovative Design Solutions (Italy)

Application: Industrial Design

Project Profile:

We are an automotive and industrial design company that provides design solutions for concept, design and product engineering. Tyche3 is the crystallization of many years of professional experience of its senior designer Davide Pizzo. It was acquired by a well-known exclusive automobile manufacturing enterprise in China. Its professionalism and innovation are the key to success. Tyche3 provides high standards of technology development, ensuring one of our most effective advantages all along.

Vehicle design: Designing a vehicle requires creativity and expertise. From structural frames to aesthetic institutions, Tyche 3 generally defines the structure, style and shape of vehicles, planes, bicycles and transportation vehicles, and has received training in the design, modeling and use of carbon fibers in particular. Tyche 3 starts with the sketch on the whiteboard, colours, digitizes and finally renders, thus providing solutions for customers' projects.

Industrial design: Research design services can identify the styles appearing in the reference scene, while conceptual design activities are aimed at developing shapes and using materials, thus improving the skills of new projects. In order to ensure authoritative and specific information, Tyche 3 cooperates with professionals, technical consultants and design experts.

Aviation Design: Close cooperation with aviation companies enables us to draw on Tyche 3 's proprietary technology in aviation panorama, which can not only innovate the use of carbon fiber and other materials, but also carry out engineering and project mathematics. Providing exquisite and exclusive design complements the entire design chain, focusing on exclusivity and elegance, and reducing the overall weight of the aircraft through the use of carbon fiber. This extraordinary cooperation has brought applications not only in the aviation field, but also in the panorama of professional modeling. It has not only created quad-rotor aircraft and aircraft fuselage, but also designed the design and engineering of carbon fiber professional radio control devices, and also designed aluminum components obtained from aircraft.

Yacht Design: Tyche 3 provides companies in the industry with a wide range of technical solutions to respond to the needs of the navigation market by analyzing competitors' goals. The company has provided new proprietary concepts by applying proprietary technology in the design and planning of boats. The focus of the project ranges from preliminary sketches to mathematical models, from realistic photo rendering with software dedicated to model and mold engineering, to carbon design to research on assembly equipment. In order to better define the project, we provide model services that can be implemented in actual scale or reduced scale and can affect the design.

Product Engineering: Tyche 3 works regularly with electronic and mechanical consultants to define innovative design criteria for temporary solutions using advanced software. Our quotation also includes FEM calculation, technical documents and prototype printing services until the final design of mass production molds.

Special items: Tyche 3 can handle unique items according to customer requirements. With tailor-made professional knowledge, our designers are keen and enthusiastic, and can provide correct interpretation for customers' ideas. Therefore, from the creation of the concept to the realization of the final prototype, the customer will have the opportunity to participate and provide the sole agency for his ideas.

3D Printing: In order to keep the prototype technology updated and complete Tyche 3 's business proposals, our customers can make preliminary pre-series evaluations during development and at the end of the project using 3D printing services that can produce beautiful or functional components. Since the double extruder and soluble support structure are used for printing at the end of printing, complex parts can also be printed using the technology provided by the company.

SfPHIA: Design and Development of Mechanical Parts and Equipment in Aerospace and Defense Fields (Italy)

Application: Mechanical Component Design

Project Profile:

SVPHIA focuses on the design, development, manufacturing and quality control of mechanical components and equipment, and is suitable for transportation, industrial and scientific research (testing and manufacturing equipment). As a leader in material testing equipment, S ò phiaHighTech is a reference for technological innovation. The company has developed advanced and unique expertise in mechanical design, structure and motion simulation, as well as wider industrial production and robotics. S PHIA's expertise starts with the development and characterization of structures, materials and processes, using highly innovative methods. The implementation and development of this workflow follows the UNI EN 9100: 2009 quality system, which the company has certified. This method can obtain the best results by using the program management method. S-PHIA uses robust design methods (saving time and cost) and numerical simulation techniques (FEM linearity and nonlinearity). & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Through in-depth cooperation with universities and research and development centers, the company can also ensure physical testing of product certification. In order to pursue the goal of technological innovation, SfPHIA is increasing its value in precision machining. Today, it can complete the production cycle in the vertical process, from concept to realization and control of mechanical components in the transportation department. SIPHIA Manufacturing Department consists of CNC and additive manufacturing machines, which can realize very complex shapes and good mechanical properties. In addition, the company's products undergo accurate dimensional inspection and process control during the metering phase to ensure the maintenance of high quality standards. SIPHIA develops skills in: 1) industrial research (numerical experimental characterization of structures/processes/materials), 2) design (CAD-DMU-FEM-CAE), 3) industrial production (control and positioning equipment, assembly stations, aviation equipment, mass production), 4) prototype design (additive material manufacturing), and 5) metrology.

221E: Intelligent System Design for Internet of Things and Wearable Devices (Italy)

Application: Intelligent System Design

Project Profile:

221E was founded in 2012 and is an innovative start-up company. Taking advantage of the wave of innovation in the Internet of Things and wearable devices, we are integrating technological innovations in sensors, electronic devices and algorithms and moving towards a new generation of intelligent systems. The company makes full use of advanced technologies in IT, microelectronics, sensors and control algorithms to develop miniaturized wireless embedded systems.

The platform integrates digital three-axis accelerometers, three-axis gyroscopes and three-axis magnetometers, high-resolution air pressure sensors, temperature sensors and a 32-bit microprocessor based on ARM ® Cortex ® M4. MUSE is a multifunctional data acquisition system with car flash memory, wireless connection (Bluetooth), automatic power switch function and adjustable charging power supply. The optional high dynamic range (HDR) configuration can also be used in applications that require high-g acceleration/high-dps rotation for accurate measurement.

221E is provided in a two-tier business model:

1. Provide OEM services to third-party customers who need to seek technical partners for product development; Convert it into a research and development contract, usually followed by a commercial agreement to provide engineering systems or technology licenses.

2. Finished products-Currently, they are directly facing customers or distributors in the form of a common multi-sensor hardware platform.

The target market is wearable electronic devices and Internet of Things related industries. It has broad prospects in these markets, which is what the company name 221E means.

In the first few years of operation, the Company's activities mainly focused on:

Establish a skilled team to ensure and promote the rapid and sustained growth of proprietary technology and technical capabilities;

Consolidate the business relationship with the first batch of customers to ensure the continuous final long-term revenue flow required for operation start-up;

Invest in internal research and development, strengthen value positioning, and expand the company's investment portfolio with new products and services.

Facts have proved that this development track has successfully achieved an annual income growth rate of nearly 40% and basically maintained the self-sufficiency of enterprises. It has ensured stable growth and strengthened the core assets of technical expertise.

We have strengthened every successful project task and now expanded many important customers from mature multinational brands to innovative start-ups to build trust, cooperation and continuous business with them. We can track the system development process from concept to manufacturing. Relying on an efficient network, the supply chain of the whole process can be realized.

Lumi: Highly Innovative 3D Solutions for Stereo Lithography (Italy)

Application: 3D Printing Technology

Project Profile:

Lumi Industries aims to create innovative 3D solutions. It invents, develops and produces 3D visualization and 3D printing equipment mainly based on stereo lithography, enabling anyone to realize the advantages of rapid prototyping and visualization. The company has a series of high-quality and compact resin-based equipment and consumables. At present, it specializes in UV resin 3D printers, and its application range ranges from rapid prototyping of mechanical parts to hobby fields and micro-models, to jewelry industry, using resins suitable for "lost wax" casting. Due to the originality of our team, coupled with our professional knowledge, skills and abilities in mechanical, electronic and software development, we are the perfect open innovation partner for any company that needs to optimize its hardware products.

Our stereo lithography 3D printer Lumifold is a revolutionary 3D printer based on the original patented system, which allows the equipment to be ultra-compact and easy to move. The system can be applied to different 3D printing technologies, such as filament or different types of resin technologies (SLA, DLP, LCD), as well as space travel. Our first version is the new Lumifold TB, which is the first compact resin 3D printer using a normal flat panel as a light source. With the emergence of VVD volume visualization equipment, we are entering the era of three-dimensional visualization. It can be applied in many different fields, such as product design and engineering, education, exhibitions and museums, medical and dental, architecture and interior design, marketing and communication.

At present, VVD and Lumifold are both in the prototype stage, and now investment is needed to enter the industrialization and production stage.

JHAS: Focus on Design and Production of Aviation Seats and Interior Trim (Italy)

Application: Interior Design

Project Profile:

JHAS is an Italian company specializing in aviation seats and interior decoration, which can handle the design, modeling, certification and production of aircraft seats. The R&D department has the most advanced analysis and simulation instruments (Fem, 3D virtual simulator) and assembly lines dedicated to prototypes. JHAS develops, produces and sells high-tech value products to improve the technical and aesthetic characteristics of furniture products, not limited to transportation modes. Engineering design for designing and developing innovative projects to facilitate use, enhance value and improve technical and aesthetic features, including material selection, manufacturing process and product shape, color and exterior decoration selection. -Design, conception, certification, production and sales in Italy and sales of interior decoration for foreign planes, trains and/or other means of transportation, such as interior furniture and partial decoration of armchairs. A cooperation agreement has been reached with TTA (Tecno Tessile Adler), another Italian aviation product manufacturer. The agreement will enable the two companies to jointly design and produce a series of new aircraft seats, covering economy, high-end economy, business and first class.

Monozukuri: 3D Design for next Generation Electronics (Italy)

Application: Electronic Product Design

Project Profile:

MONOZUKURI is Italy's emerging EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company, which provides disruptive software solution HANOI to realize and accelerate the 3D design of next generation electronic products such as artificial intelligence, automatic driving, network and big data, and Internet of Things. HANOI is the "missing EDA problem" required to complete the 2.5 D and 3D-IC design process, and has a differentiated advantage over competitors. Monozukuri's "I/O Planning and Optimization" technology facilitates all design processes/cycles from feasibility analysis to data set creation to promote physical implementation and incremental optimization. The design lead time is shortened from several weeks to several hours, providing designers with the opportunity to explore a variety of different configurations-using component layout and interconnect optimization in available space-and select the best configuration to reduce interconnects in the total length circuit and maintain the number of interconnects included. Monozukuri also protects its innovations through patent applications in Italy, Europe and the United States.

Future Fashion: Italian 3D Configurator Custom Shoes (Italy)

Award: Second Prize in the Final of Intelligent Equipment in 2018-2019 China-Italy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Application: Footwear Customization

Project Profile:

Design Italian Shoes (DIS) is a customizable footwear brand that uses cutting-edge technology to modernize exquisite Italian craftsmanship. We have a cutting-edge technology: a specially developed and built 3D shoe configurator, which is placed in the retail store in the form of touch screen. This is a real creative project. The configurator has more than 50 million kinds of leather, accessories and sole combinations. Shops and customers can match them at will, thus designing a new shoe. The newly designed shoe style, just like each of us, is unique and irreplaceable. However, the store storage room will be orderly and not disorganized.

The shoe-making cycle takes only 10 days. The shoe-making site is located in the "Marche" region in central Italy and is completed in a shoe-making workshop with a long tradition of more than 100 years. This traditional workshop highly respects the exquisite craftsmanship of craftsmen and has been passed down from generation to generation and has been carried on to this day. This is a family manufacturer with a long history and has been committed to building the famous "Shoe Valley" network ("Made in Italy" footwear area), which is a matter of pride to the global footwear industry.

DIS Company was founded in 2015, when Andrea and Francisco Capinetti brothers met Michel Luconi and hit it off. With their special background, they injected innovative ideas into the retail industry while promoting traditional Italian crafts, and their long-cherished wish became a reality. Their idea is to integrate handmade shoe-making technology while retaining unique high-quality "Made in Italy" distinctive features to create customers.

A new home-centric shopping experience.

With the innovative 3D configurator, customers can participate in the entire customization process (including online and offline stores): from measuring foot dimensions to designing and selecting tiny details, such as letter combinations or matching custom belts. Today, DIS passes through the official website Www.dis.shoes

And several flagship stores around the world, giving everyone the opportunity to show their personality and design unique shoe styles anywhere. As DIS's corporate philosophy says: "Be yourself and be different!"

Winning: 2014 Venture Capital Winner; 2014 Business Plan Competition; 2014 Marzoto Finalist Award; In 2014, Yuxin Bank's Start-up Laboratory was shortlisted for the award. The 2016 European Start-up Award was shortlisted. 2018 Markai Italian Federation of Industries Young Entrepreneur Innovation Award

Inesse: Innovative Design of Luxury Motorboats (Italy)

Award: Second Prize in the Final of Intelligent Equipment in 2018-2019 China-Italy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Application: Yacht Design

Project Profile:

Inesse Co., Ltd. Is a company established in January 2016 under the laws of the United Kingdom. Its registered office is located in London and its branch is located in Imola, Italy. All of the Company's businesses are managed and operated by the branch. It is registered with Bologna Chamber of Commerce as an innovative and entrepreneurial project with high-tech content. The design project is carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of Bologna University. Inesse Co., Ltd. Employs a group of renowned and outstanding engineers and designers from Italian professional companies, including Ferrari, Pagani and Luna Rosa America's Cup.

Our business:

In order to bring forth new ideas from the navigation industry, which has been technically stagnant for decades, we have launched a unique luxury yacht Superfoils15 in the world, with a length of more than 15 meters. Due to the use of real wings (also known as foil) representing the highest scientific research, design and testing level, the yacht can "sped" in the water. This high-tech secret weapon will completely change the concept of navigation...

Superfoils 15 represents a whole new way of life. To this end, we specially created a brand-new word (patented) to define and interpret this concept: IcaRo Boat. Icaro is a figure in Greek methodology and the first human to try to fly. Many of the technologies contained in Robo (a) t are fully embodied in SF15.

Superfoils 15 Benefits:

Absolute performance characteristics: with the highest speed unmatched by similar yachts

Unparalleled sailing comfort

(3) Green Core: Reduce fuel consumption (up to 40%) and enhance automation

Inesse's strategy aims to create a new concept of luxury: to pursue the concepts of practicality, sustainability and interest. SF15 is not only a cutting-edge technology, but also a landmark concept. SF 15 has a unique internal structural style and is unique in material selection and design structure. Many materials and technologies are unprecedented.

3DRAp: Digital Prototype Platform in Innovative Design (Italy)

Application: Product Design

Project Profile:

3DRap is a digital prototype laboratory. 3DRap Co., Ltd. Is a company initiated by a group of young mechanical engineering students, aiming at innovative design.

3DRap's goal is to allow anyone to materialize their ideas on the platform by reducing costs and time during the engineering and prototype design stages of the product. The philosophy of open source is one of the pillars of our actions, and we are convinced that opening up to the world is the key to progress. Our company has a multi-degree-of-freedom structure. The company has MTO and ETO production systems, which can realize the production process of the workshop. According to the Industrial 4.0 Plan, the company can produce a variety of products due to the strong self-reconstruction capability of the production line.

BeonD: Automotive Design and Industrialization Service Platform (Italy)

Application: Product Design

Project Profile:

BeonD is a branch of the car. Its real value lies in the human resources skills, methods, attitudes and experience needed to design the next generation of efficient and lightweight hybrid cars or four-wheeled vehicles. In BeonD, you can find all the innovative knowledge and high-level engineering skills you need.

BeonD focuses on the most innovative projects and feasibility simulation tools to verify concepts or initial product solutions. In addition, due to its network of engineers and industry partners, the company can provide its customers with a variety of design and engineering services, prototype scale, real-size prototype, laboratory testing, tracking testing and even the production of small series of cars.

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