Zero Distance between Investment Institutions and Excellent Projects (Artificial Intelligence Special Event)

2020 · 06 · 04 15 : 00

Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, Municipal District

Tencent Zhongchuang Space

Meeting Detail

Project Requirements

Innovative enterprises or start-up teams of outstanding artificial intelligence related industries in the global field, registration teams are not limited to scale and growth stage, and pass artificial intelligence technologies such as public opinion analysis, machine translation, voice recognition, face recognition, image recognition, etc. Products and projects applied in the fields of life, industry, medical treatment, transportation, agriculture, culture, education, etc.

Registration Conditions

1. Small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises with innovation capability, high growth potential or independent intellectual property rights

2. The enterprise is in the financing stage of Angel Round, Pre-A Round, A Round or B Round

3. Enterprises have real demand for equity financing

4. Priority will be given to the projects already invested by the organization. This activity will select 5-8 high-quality enterprises from the registered enterprises to participate. The registered teams or enterprises that are not selected for the roadshow will enter the organizer's resource pool and will give priority to participating in the next roadshow.

Registration Method

By June 1, please , send the project business plan (PPT or PDF format) to email: Business plans require clear logic, complete core elements, prominent focus and attraction. The solicited items will be screened by the organizer, please wait for notification.

Contact: Shan Shan [vx ID: ShanshanTZC]

Basic Information

Tencent Zhongchuang Space, Shenzhen Bay Technology
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Coral colony
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